Late Shri Gulam Hussain Farista (Gulla Seth) 


A tribute

14/06/1938      18/10/2010  

An acknowledgment of gratitude, respect and admiration

Shri Gulam Hussain Farista son of Lat Shri Wali Mohammed Farista left for his heavenly abode on 18th October 2010 at the age of 73. In the death of Shri Gulam Hussain Farista, a strong, vibrant and ever responsive link between the bygone glorious past and a “Dhruvatara” for the future generation of the community was gone forever.

Shri Gulam Hussain Farista, after completing Senior Cambridge from Raipur in the 1955, moved to Rajnandgaon in 1956 to start his own business in Cycle. After making modest profits, he moved into Motor Parts business and opened his Tyre Shop in 1960. After that it was a saga of expansions and successes.

He had an unshakeable faith and trust in God, but he was not ritualistic. He realized God had chosen him for a purpose and mission on earth. This faith in God gave him great simplicity, humility and modesty, besides strength and courage.

His wife, Parin Banu Farista, is a deeply religious and spiritual person and he never discouraged her from performing any religious activity. He has donated a Community Hall to the Aga khan Foundation.

He left the nurturing of his whole family to his loving and capable wife, Parin Banu Farista, who was indeed his biggest strength. She ran his home inculcating the right values in all her five children including a daughter, imbibing the qualities to become excellent home-makers. He played no favorites in the family.

He was a loving and caring husband, father and father-in-law and a doting grandfather to his six grandchildren. He was generous, broadminded and liberal. He never spent any time with business friends or on any other hobby or indulgence. Family always came first for him. He also imbibed in the family qualities of fearlessness adventure and leadership as an example.

He loved nature with a passion and he developed lovely beautiful huge garden which is full of colorful roses, seasonal flowers and fruit trees. The garden was awarded Rajnandgaon best Garden by Chattisgarh horticulture society Raipur .

A man with a loving heart, a strong mind to think and resolve in clear and dispassionate perspectives was Shri Gulam Hussain Farista. Not that he was always saying, “Good” and “go ahead” to us, he sometimes scolded us disapproving our ideas and thoughts and approaches to the circumstances and situations. He was always straightforward and his heart was crystal clear, whatever he spoke he meant it. He moulded the thought process of two generations appearing in the scenario.

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